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Inflatable Travel Pillow

INFLATABLE NECK TRAVEL PILLOWS - Our inflatable crescent shaped mini-pillow is the perfect travel comfort companion for your neck. Use it to cradle your head and support your neck when traveling in a car, bus, plane, boat, or train. It's great at home for napping, watching TV, or reading in the yard. You won't waste valuable packing space when you take this pillow with you; it folds to fit into your pocket or purse and then quickly inflates to just the softness you prefer. A treat for weary travelers. Horseshoe shaped inflatable velour pillow gentle cradles your neck while supporting your head in all directions. Complete with travel case.
Compare at $10 $5.00 -----$2.00 USPS Shipping

UPS Ground $6.50

Please Note: If you are ONLY ordering this item the Shipping and Handling will be $2.00 for up to 10 pillows if you select USPS - Small Items. UPS Ground is $6.50.

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